Ligasure Hemorrhoidectomy

Surgical hemorrhoidectomy is warranted typicallly in complex Grade 3 and Grade 4 hemorrhoids.  In this situation, the normal anorectal anatomy is so compromised that non surgical approaches are inadequate.  A more aggressive approach is necessary to achieve good functionality and a good cosmetic result.

DR. KIRKLAND performs a Ligasure Hemorrhoidectomy. Request an appointment at his hemorrhoid center located in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Ligasure is a modified electro - thermal device that delivers energy between the jaws of a clamp resulting  in coagulation,  sealing , and cutting of hemorrhoid tissue .  Its ergonomically sound construction augments its reach and access into the anal canal . This procedure is generally performed in the operating room setting .  The only pre - operative preparation is the taking of a cleansing Fleets enema . 

The following are felt to be the advantages of a Ligasure Hemorrhoidectomy :

  • Shorter operating time
  • Less postoperative discomfort
  • Increased patient tolerance
  • Less wound problems
  • Less post op pain medication needs
  • Less urinary retention
  • Quicker return to work

Ligasure methodology is a newer and felt to be a major improvement over more conventional techniques .  It is a safe and effective procedure.

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